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Daryl is a gem! As a third party vendor it’s hard to have intuition about what would be needed. Yet Daryl delivers. And what he consistently gives us is a product with incredibly high production value. Additionally, he thinks of the future so that efficiencies are scaled to save us valuable time & money. What he creates is a piece of art that’s responsible for representing our business. I mean it. This isn’t just some random quote. The trust factor alone is huge. I’m always confident I’ll get a premium product on time. He is a keystone of our business.
Jeff Issner
Engaged MD

Daryl is the epitome of the perfect balance of creativity, technical skills, and understanding of a client's brand and objectives. Tube has worked with Daryl for over 10 years and he has always completed work timely and is highly dependable. His experience and professionalism are a huge value to any team project.
Chris Downs 
Owner/Creative Director 

Daryl is one of the few people I’ve worked with who knows how to fully tie a motion graphics project together. It’s not JUST motion design with him. He considers the end-to-end implementation and really how to just tell a great story—production design, script considerations, motion graphics…all the pieces. He also understands how to go back and forth and discuss the various pieces for a project and the team members associated with each—from writers, voice over talent, sound designers, colorists. And that’s pretty great because he becomes the hub of the wheel, which makes my life, and the project’s, run a lot more smoothly.
Mason Poe
Managing Member
Edgar Allen

I always look forward to working with Daryl because I know the results will be great. I’ve worked with Daryl on numerous projects over the past eight years. He’s always fully engaged and really takes ownership, plus he’s very open to feedback and doesn’t let any idea (his or mine) become too precious. He delivers on time, if not early, and somehow manages to fit us into his schedule as the project scope expands.We work with Daryl primarily on animation and motion graphics projects. He has a great sense of the physics of motion, this gives his work a real natural, organic quality.Daryl also uses light really well. We recently did a large 2-1/2D parallax project with him and his lighting really brought everything to life.Daryl’s always enthusiastic and ready for a challenge. I don’t think there has ever been a problem he hasn’t found a solution for.Daryl is one of the few people I would recommend without reservations.
Michael Neff
Design Director
Mountain View Group

Daryl is the man! Daryl approaches each project with professionalism and extreme precision. His ability to set expectations and meet them is unmatched in comparison to other vendors. You could tell he was in military because when he tells me I'll have the export at 1700 hours, I' know I'll have the export at 1700 hours. I've never actually heard him use military time...but you get the point. When you match this dependability with his creative abilities, you get a fantastic colleague and partner that is a pleasure to work with and will deliver each and every time!
Anthony Sarni
Independent Producer

Daryl is careful, detailed, organized, and doesn't cut corners in his work... yet he consistently (and apparently effortlessly) delivers highly creative, top notch work on time. I worked with him on projects at multiple ad agencies, and always found his files organized, his motion graphics perfectly appropriate for the client, no matter what the style, and his deliverables flawless. Add to that his vast experience, even temperament and no-nonsense approach, and he makes an excellent director as well.
Joel Edwards
Owner/Audio Designer/Editor
Tangerine Hero

Daryl’s the best.  Responsive, professional and creative.  He exceeds expectations every time we work with him.
Adam Lebenstein
ALS Productions 

Daryl was always the consummate professional. His commitment to his craft helped guide our work at IQ to a level that was emotionally impactful, contextually relevant and above all else, consistently valuable. Daryl's collaborative spirit, willingness to go above and beyond and his passion for his craft are a testament not only to his work, but to who he is as an individual.
Bob Morris
Group Senior Vice President, Integration 
ICF Olson

Daryl is an ace! He has a unique ability to listen to clients and take their vision and turn it into a creative masterpiece.
Stan Metlyn
True Film Production

Without a doubt, the most solid, dependable designer in the business of making things move. Daryl's knowledge of how to get things done correctly and quickly, coupled with his sense of design makes him someone you always want on your team.
Mike Boutee
Freelance Creative & Design

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