A collaboration with the Engaged MD team, and SMP Pharmacy, MedReady modernizes fertility medication training and helps:
• Make life easier for medical practitioners and teams
• Improve the patient experience
• Reduce the risk of medication error
Outpost developed a unique 3D design system to present the detailed elements and procedures that works in conjunction with the EngagedMD 2D branding and graphic style.
This new direction eliminates the need a live shoot, and the issues encountered with this process.
• There are no complications with talent selection, be it race, gender, etc.
• With no host, there are no hands to get in the way of the product, or how it is used.
• Best of all is the ability to quickly update content as medications and techniques change. You are no longer tied to a video that needs to be re-shot, which can be time consuming and costly. 
As with all EngagedMD productions, the visuals are designed to be simple, elegant, and easy to understand. For more information on the MedReady platform: https://engaged-md.com/smp/
The following are a few modules from the series. 
Follistim Pen
Progesterone in Oil
Subcutaneous Injection
Gonal F Redi-Ject Pen

Lupron Kit

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