Designed to replace in-office injection training, the MedReady program offers 90+ minutes of modular, protocol-based medication training videos.
iTouch Connected
Product animations presenting the features and design options
The following is a collection of projects that we have created for The Coca-Cola Company.
General Electric
The following is a collection of projects created for General Electric.
Ride to Extraordinary - Course Maps
Immersive 3D map graphics and course detail visuals of the 350 mile Trans North Georgia Adventure race course. Created for the documentary Ride to Extraordinary, which takes the viewer along for the experience of this formidable cycling race across Georgia.
The following is a collection of projects we have created for Raytheon.
A first-of-its-kind communication network, bringing free public Wi-Fi to millions of New Yorkers. Our task was to show the Link placed throughout the city as well as users interacting with it. The challenge… the Link unit itself had not yet been built.
UPS Edge
A simplified and stylized presentation of the UPS Edge package management system.
Engaged MD
A feature reel of the variety of content developed for the Engaged MD video portal. An extensive video library consisting of educational tools for people who are struggling with infertility or other complications in having a child.
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